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Welcome to the DESIRE Information Gateways Handbook

Your guide to creating high quality portals on the Internet

Throughout this handbook the three sections are indicated by the following icons:

Go to Strategic sectionStrategic issues
- for gateway managers and funders

Go to Information sectionInformation issues
- for subject specialists and information professionals

Go to Technical sectionTechnical issues
- for technical staff

  This handbook is designed to support libraries and other organisations interested in setting up large-scale information gateways on the Internet.

It offers a step by step guide and points to tools, examples and documentation, which can support the process.

The handbook is divided into three sections to reflect the managerial, information and technical issues that building a gateway raises.

The handbook aims in particular, to support the development of large-scale gateways in Europe, which can support researchers looking for high quality research information on the Internet. By adopting standard practices, these gateways have the potential to form an international network of gateways that can be cross-searched by researchers across the continent.

3 sections of the DESIRE Handbook

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