P5 Web Festival - Awarding Ceremony

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This session was the official awarding ceremony of the Web Festival, which was a special event on the Conference.

The official awards were given to the following sites:
1. Category - General portal:
       Iskon Internet portal, author Sasa Skevin from Iskon Internet, Zagreb

2. Category - Subject-based portal:

       Star Trek Center, author Dino Mileta, Zagreb

3. Category - Portals for special interest groups

       Moderna vremena online, author Nenad Bartolcic from Modern Times, Zagreb

Special Mentions of the Jury were given to:
Corner daily electronic magazine, author Anina Ostric from Corner magazine, Zagreb
Internet Monitor, author Goran Sikic from Internet Monitor, Zagreb
Slavonski Brod Online, author Zeljko Klindzic from SBNet, Slavonski Brod
Sport Net, author Davor Sajko from HrSport Net, Zagreb
MRC, author Vladimir Braus from Mathematica Reference Center, Zagreb
HULK, author Vlatko Kosturjak from The Linux user community, Zagreb
hr.aquatica, author Dobrislav Klement from Orbicon.com, Zagreb

Users' Choice Award was given to:
Slavonski Brod Online, author: Zeljko Klindzic from SBNet, Slavonski Brod