Najavljujemo pozvano predavanje dr. Michelle Zimmerman s Renton Prep Christian School iz SAD-a na temu People First: Technology that Supports Humanity. Predavanje na zatvaranju konferencije, kao i nastavak ove vijesti, održat će se na engleskom jeziku.

As educators and researchers, we are in occupations to prepare young people for the future. We have the opportunity to help build content knowledge and the ability to use technology. But, without a desire to make a positive difference in the world, intellect alone can be used to negatively impact others. As technology advances to try to replicate human intelligence, humans are still better at creativity, storytelling, making connections across seemingly unrelated domains, and exploring. We have the chance to frame the future by identifying long-term goals for the kind of humans we want to live in our societies, communities, and families, then shape education to match those end goals.

The future is optimistic. Technology can support empathy, protecting the environment, and so many aspects of humanity in ways we could not achieve without the support of technology. This keynote highlights research and the new book, Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning.

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