Conference Topics

The conference has been structured around keynote presentations and invited talks, complemented by presentations of reviewed papers and panel discussions.

The conference presentations focus on the technology as well as the user applications for:

  • ACCESS: Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting (AAA), mobility, last mile, resources discovery, firewalls and wireless networking, digital rights management, copyright and accessibility
  • SHARING: peer-to-peer, end-to-end, videoconferencing, virtual worlds and virtual communities, information retrieval and distance education
  • SECURITY: network and system security, application data security, encryption, public key systems, strategic issues and privacy
  • INTEGRATION: protocols at the network layer, distributed environments, Open Grid, web services and directories,
  • TECHNOLOGIES FOR ADVANCED NETWORKING: IPv6, voice over IP, optical networks, network performance and quality of service

The conference also includes presentations on the important legal and policy issues that influence and, indeed, threaten the fundamental structure and the future of the Internet in general and the research and education networks in particular.

  • Main Conference topics include:
  • User Services
  • New Network Applications
  • Middleware
  • Grids and Peer to Peer
  • IPV6 and Optical Networks
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