Developing an online workspace platform for asyncroneous collaboration

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Zeljko Klindzic is a founder of SBOnLine Community and SBWebTeam - a group of Web authors from Slavonski Brod. Currently employed by HT as system engineer.
Owner of a design studio SBNET and 3 Web portals. From 1996, as author or team leader, he participated in creation of online resources about Slavonski Brod and Brodsko-posavska county, from radio station, newspapers, schools, to city and county official Web sites. He initiated several education programs about the Internet, developed online collaboration platform and together with other authors started online communities project "Putokazi ravnice". On "CUC 2000" Web festival he received awards for SBNet.hr and SBOnLine portals.

Jasmin Klindzic is a student at Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Main fields of his work are Web development and education. Since 1995, he has taught numerous courses and seminars on both computer and Internet literacy to Croatian students. He is one of the authors of CARNet's offical learning material, and CARNet approved lecturer. He is also active on PR position in design studio SBNET from Slavonski Brod, and works as Internet-based support at Target research agency. Currently attending a local Cisco Academy of Networking Technologies at CARNet.

Zarko Vuckovic is the owner of the firm "Wolf", located in Pozega, specialized in IT services. He presented his works on several international conferences. His field of interest (and work) lies in the field of UNIX, SQL, Oracle database management, and automated data processing. He is the owner and Web developer of "Pozega online" portal and co-author on the "Putokazi ravnice" project.


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