Web Festival Results - Awards & Special Mentions of the Jury

Web Festival Awards:

1. Category - General portals:

Awarded site: Iskon Internet portal (http://www.iskon.hr)

In the category of General Portals there was little doubt as to which portal would take the prize. Having its own search engine, easy-to-read and well-organized catalogue, as well as a free web mail system which they developed themselves, ISKON took the award in this category as the finest Croatian General Portal. This technically perfect portal is even more enhanced because it can hook up to daily news from KLIK.
Prize: Book PC
Sponsor: Times telecom

Special Mentions of the Jury:

Corner daily electronic magazine (http://corner.boa.hr)
This daily electronic magazine deserves much credit from the evaluating team. Its extensive content, which is replenished on a daily basis; a stable amount of links to interesting and useful information on the Web, etc., give this portal Special Mention of the Jury.
Prize: Web Visual InterDev 1.0
Sponsor: Microsoft Hrvatska

Internet Monitor (http://www.monitor.hr)
This portal is organized well so far as news are concerned, and is always up-to-date. Internet Monitor thus also deserves Special Mention of the Jury on the part of the evaluating team. With its wide-ranging content, almost like a forum with real topics, it becomes a popular portal to many.
: Encarta
Sponsor: Microsoft Hrvatska

2. Category - Subject-based portals:

Awarded site: Star Trek Center (http://www.st-trek.net)

Probably the biggest suprise of this competition was when the Star Trek Center portal deservedly took the award in the category of Subject based portals. "Star Trek" fans will discover many interesting items dealing with their favorite SF series on this well-designed website. A detailed portal of all aspects of this very popular SF theme is the main reason why Star Trek Center triumphed in the category of Subject based portals.
Prize: Handspring Visor and GSM W@P
Sponsors: Powercom sistemi and VIPNet

Special Mentions of the Jury:

Slavonski Brod Online
The effort put in this portal, as well as the technical output, are the reasons why Special Mention of the Jury was awarded to Slavonski Brod Online. Search engines for finding Web pages, as well as the personnel and companies from Slavonski Brod, make Slavonski Brod Online a very useful portal for all those who are for whatever reason connected to this region of Croatia.
Prize: Web Visual InterDev 1.0
Sponsor: Microsoft Hrvatska

Sport Net (http://www.hrsport.net)
Special Mention of the Jury went also to Sport Net, a Croatian sports magazine. Although, as its name says, it does not contain much information which we could consider as portal, the effort put in by the creators is obvious. For this reason the evaluating team decided to award it with Special Mention of the Jury. Their devotion to sports is evident with regards to the Olympics, and one can always find the latest news, interviews, and exclusive shots whenever one opens this Website.
Prize: Encarta
Microsoft Hrvatska

3. Category - Portals for special interest groups:

Awarded site: Moderna vremena online (Modern Times) (http://www.moderna-vremena.hr)

Even though this portal is essentially an on-line bookstore, "Moderna vremena" is not what we typically expect of an Internet bookstore - the books on sale are not the only items which can be found. Book reviews, evaluation and information on various forums/gatherings, columns, top-lists and news, are only a few of the factors which make this Website an excellent portal for anyone fond of literature, especially Croatian literature.
Prize: Handspring Visor and GSM W@P
Sponsors: Powercom sistemi and VIPNet

Special Mentions of the Jury:

"Mathematica Reference Center" is a very detailed portal for all those who use Mathematica in their work - mathematicians, physicists, etc. Besides the fact that this portal provides answers to frequently asked questions, it contains an archive of news group and links to other related pages dealing with Mathematica, the evaluating team rewarded Special Mention of the Jury mainly because of the specialized search tools whereby one is able to search through the content in Mathematica all over the world. This portal is one-of-a-kind in this competition.
Prize: Web Visual InterDev 1.0
Sponsor: Microsoft Hrvatska

HULK (http://portal.linux.hr)
The Linux community in Croatia is in charge of several websites, whereby this one operates as a connecting portal to all of them, as well as a link to all Linux data all over the world. The portal is straightforward and organized efficiently, while its greatest value is its documentation of certain aspects of Linux which was translated into Croatian by the users themselves.
Prize: Suite Office 99
Sponsor: Studentshop Perpetuum Mobile

hr.aquatica (http://www.orbicon.com/hraquatica)
In the category of Portals for special interest group, the jury chose this Website because of its attractive and thorough description of subject. For all those fascinated by aquatics, this portal will provide them with exciting information. What the evaluating team was particularly keen on was the fact that the portal attracts even those users who are not as acquainted with the subject, thus awarding it Special Mention of the Jury. The jury considered this portal to be very fine graphically-speaking.
Prize: Office 2000
Sponsor: Microsoft Hrvatska

Users Choice Award

Awarded site: Slavonski Brod Online (http://www.sbonline.net)

Prize: scanner and Web Visual InterDev 1.0
Sponsor: Studentshop Perpetuum Mobile and Microsoft Hrvatska