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Rules of the Contest

1. About the Web Festival
Web Festival is a special event within the CARNet Users Conference - CUC 2002. Through the Web Festival the organizers want to improve the quality and expand the Croatian Web information space.
Web Festival provides the authors with an opportunity to present their work and compare it with the work of their competitors, at the same time allowing the general public to evaluate the best achievements.

2. CUC 2002 Web Festival Topic
This year the Web Festival will be a competition for the best unofficial Web site created as a result of enthusiasm of an individual or a smaller group of authors guided by the idea of promoting on the Web a certain idea or topic familiar to the author and of interest to the wider public. The organizer has defined three categories of Web sites:

  • Web site which presents the geographical entity:
    This category includes non-commercial Web sites that represent, for instance, a country, region, city, town, place, district, lake, sea, river, island, natural attractions, etc. Web sites that cannot take part in the competition are all the official Web sites, as well as those that have been financed in a similar way (e.g. official city sites, tourist associations, agencies, etc.).

  • Web site which presents a social group:
    This category includes Web sites which informally present to the public, for instance, a class, sport community, religious community, society, organization, association, etc. Web sites that cannot take part in the competition are the official sites as well as the commercially oriented or sponsored sites (e.g. official sites of the registered companies or societies of citizens, schools, and faculties).

  • Web site which presents activities and phenomena:
    This category covers Web sites that present to the wider public hobbies or interests of the author or a group of authors, such as sport, excursions, etc. In accordance with the defined criteria, official or commercial Web sites cannot take part in the competition.
    Personal home pages do not take part in the competition since their topic does not comply with the rules prescribed by the Rules.
    There are no restrictions regarding physical location of the registered Web sites.

3. Conditions and Application
General conditions for the application of the Web site are the following:

  • the Web site may be entered for the competition only by a natural person, a Croatian citizen or member of the Croatian diaspora,
  • the Web site may be entered for the competition only by the (co)author or the owner
  • the language used at the entered Web site has to be Croatian or English,
  • one person can enter only one Web site,
  • one Web site can be entered for competition only in one category.

If the Web site does not fulfill the mentioned conditions, the Jury has the right to disqualify the Web site from further competition. The jury will tend to solve all the problematic situations in compliance with the objectives of the Web Festival Organization.
Although they can take part in the Festival, the prizes and awards cannot be granted to Web sites entered by:

  • members of the Jury,
  • Program Committee or Organizing Committee of the CUC 2002 Conference,
  • CARNet employees,
  • employees in the managing positions or persons sharing ownership rights in companies sponsoring the Conference, and
  • family members of any of the groups mentioned above.

4. Competition Deadlines
Candidates can apply for the CUC 2002 Web Festival starting from the day the Rules have been accepted until and including 6 September 2002. Registration can proceed exclusively via Web. The URL of the registration form is:


The Jury will shortlist the candidates for the awards among the Web sites entered for competition. The list of the selected Web sites will be published at the Conference site on 16 September 2002.

On the last day of the Conference, 27 September 2002, the Jury will nominate the CUC 2002 Web Festival winner in each category, and two additional Web sites in each category will be commended. Each will be awarded an appropriate prize as well. The Jury has the right to alter the number of awards according to the quality of Web sites in the competition.

The general public will have the opportunity to vote via Conference Web site for the winner of the "Users' Choice" award among the shortlisted Web sites. Voting via Web will be opened on the day the Web sites shortlist is published, and closed on the last day of the Conference, 27 September 2002 at 12 o'clock.

5. Memebers of the Official Jury

Gorjan Agacevic
Marijana Glavica
Gordan Gledec
Aleksandra Imogen Ivir
Robert Rigo
Dario Susanj
Kristijan Zimmer