How to organise and run audio/video conferences

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This workshop will be focused on room videoconferencing. Whether you are an experienced user of videoconferencing or just starting with the technology, this workshop will try to help you overcome the headaches of videoconferencing implementation and usage.
Session will consist of two parts: A - How to organize a videoconference and B - How to run a videoconference. The first part will discuss the requirements for establishing the room videoconferencing system. This includes a wide range of questions, from when your own system needs to be established, to what kind of systems can be found on the market. The second part of this workshop will try to give some directions on how to run a successful videoconference, how to prepare yourself for it and how to make the most of technology.

The participants should leave the workshop with a clear vision regarding:
- differences between desktop and room videoconferencing (and streaming too);
- when to use VC;
- what is needed to establish a videoconferencing system;
- what kind of room videoconferencing system is available on the market;
- how to use technology to make the most of it.

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