ThinkQuest program for teachers and students

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This tutorial introduces attendees to ThinkQuest, a unique program designed to promote Internet-based learning and collaboration. It gives an overview of the ThinkQuest contests in which students and teachers from across the world work together in teams to produce educational Web sites on a variety of topics. Besides highlighting the educational strengths of the ThinkQuest concept, the tutorial describes ThinkQuest participation from beginning to end: how teams are formed, how topics are chosen, how team members collaborate and communicate via the Internet, what tools are used, what rules and requirements the Web sites must meet, what problems may be encountered, what role coaches play, how the Web sites produced are promoted, how they are judged and how participants are rewarded. It discusses aspects such as topic research, critical and responsible use of reference sources in content creation, work organization and overall project management, design considerations, programming features, use of multimedia, the importance of interactivity, enabling classroom usage, ensuring continuity of site usage and growth and enhancing international scope. The tutorial combines a presentation with a practical session partly based on examples from the ThinkQuest library of entries and offers plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

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