Audio/Video Conferences in the Business and Educational Environment

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In the today's world of global business economy the role of audio visual media is of high significance. There is a big difference between what was expected form the workers in the past, and what is expected from them now. What is needed today is a conglomeration of information specialists, public speakers and managers. For these specialists, as for all businessmen, the statement "time is money" is part of their everyday life. Furthermore, this can also be aplied in the education where specialists in subject area can't find enough time to share their knowledge with the audience worldwide. Therefore, business and educational institutions can utilize audio/video conferences in order to save significant financial assets, since they do not have to invite specialists physically but virtually.

The authors concentrate on advantages and disadvantages of application of audio/video conferences in the business and educational environment. Furthermore, they give the results of comparative analysis of its application in the companies participating in the global economy. The authors also explain the sociological dimension of audio/video conferencing and show how they influence interpersonal relations. The results of the research conducted in the leading croatian companies will be shown.

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