Farm Data Information Network (FDIN)

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FDIN is Web-based catalogue of farm and farming systems related documents hosted by Faculty of Agriculture for FAO SEUR - Farming system development.

The basic idea of the FDIN concept is to leave the ownership of data and information to the members, whilst the FAO SEUR will provide technical guidance in collection and presentation of data, as well as provide support to enable access to in-country Web sites containing data and information.
System uses standard META tags for documents and record descriptions, with MS IIS with MS Index server.

Two categories of data and information can be presented in the FDIN:
- Textual information with short descriptions of farming system or farm types, which is intended to provide background information needed to interpret
- Enterprises and farm budgets.

FDIN can also be used as a communication platform between members, who are data and information providers, and clients and professionals interested in farm profitability and farming systems development in CEE. FDIN pages also provide WWW links to other relevant farm data Web sites.

References: http://www.fdin.agr.hr

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