Building the Croatian Language Technologies Portal

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The Croatian linguistic community has so far lacked a single virtual meeting point which would provide the researchers of the Croatian language with relevant information, references and resources. Designing a portal dedicated to the language technologies applicable to Croatian would make the linguistic research easier and more efficient, providing students, researchers and corporate users, as well as anyone interested in language technologies, with not only a better access to information, but also with a professional forum where they can interact with others. In November 2000, the Croatian Language Technologies Portal project initiated by the Institute of Linguistics and granted by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology.
The Croatian Language Technologies Portal, which is at this moment under construction, is designed as the central reference point containing an extensive list of links to Croatian and international institutions and projects related to the natural language processing, as well as to computational linguistic tools for Croatian language primarily. In its final version, it will also have interactive components: the search engine for the Croatian National Corpus, discussion boards, news groups, etc.

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