The Croatian Association of Tetraplegics and Paraplegics (HUPT) Web Site

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Because of constant and often frustrating lack of exact and accurate information, an idea appeared about a Web site that would offer as much possible data and information for people with disabilities, especially those with paraplegia and tetraplegia. It is not always easy for disabled person to see his or her doctor, to know the latest law regulations or to be informed about his or her basic human rights. Especially such problem is acute in smaller communities out of major urban centres.

So the intention is to transform HUPT's Web site not only into a Web-portal, which would be always accessible Croatian net center for disabled persons, particularly for paraplegics and tetraplegics, but also to the site where an individual is free to communicate with doctors and other experts through E-mail.

The structure of the site is divided into several parts. They include pages about HUPT, about the Web-portal project, information about spinal cord injury (paraplegia and tetraplegia), about law regulations and rights, etc. Other pages, such as net edition of HUPT's bulletin, are to follow. The URLs are: http://www.hupt.hr (new) or http://hupt.tripod.com (old).

Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, supports this project.


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