WWW.HR: First metadata-enabled service in Croatian Webspace

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Since the beginning of the project, in early 1994, WWW.HR has been gathering links of Web sites specifically related to Croatia. It grew to the biggest, and the most complete directory of Croatian Web sites. In 15 main categories and 382 subcategories there are more then 6200 Websites (June 2001). WWW.HR also offers short info on Croatia, covering national history, economics, sports, art and culture, tourism etc.
As well as in the rest of the World Wide Web, searching, and recovering the useful information from the Web-based directory has emerged as the main problem. Using metadata is one way to deal with it.

Experiences in creating and maintaining WWW.HR directory, along with those gathered by Croatian Search Service (CROSS), served as guidelines for CARNet's recommendation to use metadata in Croatian Webspace. WWW.HR will once again lead by example, and as the first step in implementing that recommendation in our pages, metadata information according to the Dublin Core Metadata specification was added to the pages with short information about Croatia.

In this paper, introducing metadata in the pages about Croatia, and especially in the directory will be discussed as a way of enabling better search capabilities and thus adding value to this information service.

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