Experience With Carnet's "Training the Trainers" online pre-course

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In the spring of 2001 CARNet assisted the opening of two computer classrooms in Osijek and Rijeka. The idea behind this is to ensure that students in these two university towns gain a chance to attend Internet courses and have access to computer and Internet outside regular university curricula.

In the attempt to find and recruite sufficient nubmer of trainers who could successfully run Internet courses, CARNet organized a new round of Training the Trainers courses in these two towns. One part of Training the Trainers was organized as an on line pre-course. This means that participants met and worked on-line before they actually met in the real face to face course. Pre-course was designed and created mostly by CARNet people and was managed by WebCT courseware. For most participants this was the first experience with distance education and they found it interesting and mind opening.

It is the intention of this paper to present the experience of the pre-course authors team: objectives, activities, statistics etc. Some feedback from participants will be included.

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