Virtual and Real Knowledge Presentation in Medical Practice - Hypermedial Characteristics of new Multimedial Collaboration Centar at University Medical Hospital KB "Sestre milosrdnice"

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As we said in our earlier work, academic and many other institution use or need some kind of knowledge laboratory for preparing good and professional presentation. Actual knowledge in new structural markup presentation, in graphic, video and audio presentation possibilities, experimental experience, but also some knowledge of security and special clinical security with many other humanistic communication skills is everyday need for people who (will) work in such labs. As content presentators, we often preparing our work by own, but sometime we will be proud with our multidisciplinary team which helped us in preparing our knowledge presentation. Their collaborational work is crucial element for collaboration success.

Because such knowledge multimedia presentation center need some spatial place for everday medical, Web or other telemedicine collaboration, at KB "Sestre milosrdnice" under Prof. dr. sc. Z. Kusic as directory initiative for adaptation of big presentation hal KB "Sestre milosrdnice", under Prof. dr. sc. M. Belitza initiative in multimedia collaboration of people who work such jobs in everyday clinical practice, D. Bengez, M. Belicza, T. Klenovar, Z. Nikin, Z. Papes, V.K.Papes, R. Vojnovic prepared hypermedia characteristics of such knowledge multimedia presentation center.

With CARNet multimedia and telecommunication experience and support in equipment for 11 Mbit microlink connection (implemented by Microlink d.o.o) between KB "Sestre milosrdnice" and CARNet, with El-ing experiences in structural optical and conventional cabling, with active Cisco equipment from Infosistem, with our Linux Web-kiosks implementation maded in Comtek or Web kiosks maded by Ericsson, with HSM video equipment, and Nikin-elektronika audio equipment, after big support from our clinical librarians, and after maybe some your suggestions, our hypermedia collaboration center with wireless connection for some participant, with secure internet and intranet concept, with Web and knowledge presentation lab, is prepared for first start at October 2001.

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