Internet communication at all education levels

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There is no doubt that today the Internet communication is a crucial at all the education levels, but also including the traditional media. Meanwhile, comparing the traditional and Internet communication, there are considerable improvements of the communication technology and methods by using Internet as well. This concerns the specific methods and values, sharing and exchanging ideas and resources. Various tools are available using the virtual multimedia, such as e.g., multimedia applied to the interactive learning, online learning, distance learning, long-life learning, training for trainers, etc. In addition, exchanging information using the Internet within the sphere of research presents an unavoidable tool for the access to the world scientific society, as well as creating the good basis for the teaching process.

Web as a collaboration tool at every level of education, and useful for the creation of new knowledge as well, can be used even for day-care children, for pupils, for students, and for everyone. The communication can be realised either between client himself and the computer, or between students and teachers.
Today, for education in Croatia the important questions rise: (1) How to introduce the distance education with purpose to cover the whole country, (2) How to catch the world level of education, and even, how to improve the quality of it?

Some answers to these question will be given in the presentation using the examples from (i) special search engines, particularly EduHound search engine for schools, families and small children, (ii) special databases, particularly SciFinder Scholar from Chemical Abstracts Service, and from (iii) the first Tutorial on "Searching the Information on the Internet" published in the Croatian language.

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