Modern trends in education on the Faculty of Geodesy

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The Faculty of Geodesy has started to use information technologies very early. The first Web pages of the Faculty were installed in 1996 on the public computer of the University Computer Center. In the meantime, the Faculty got its own Web server (geodet.geof.hr) and that has significantly increased the usage of network services. The new educational plan and program is extensively turned to new technologies. The establishment of LAN on Faculty has activated further acquisition of Web contents for students. All students build their own Web pages during exercises on college Geoinformatics II. For the students of II., III. and IV. year at the subject-oriented field "Engineering surveying and spatial information management" there are different literatures on Web (e.g. books, seminar works, diploma works). The distant view of student's examination results is possible. Also, some exercises from different colleges on the subject-oriented field are based on network resources. Communication with users is accomplished through a Web interface that enables users to ask questions, give suggestions, comments etc. It is very important for the faculty staff to constantly be in touch with new technologies and to build them in education as well as possible.

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