New ways of police communication

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We live in a world in which borders mean less and less, i.e. in ''a global village'' as it has very often been said. The vast increase and distribution of computer products has brought about a number of benefits but also caused a lot of trouble. First of all there is a problem of gained knowledge becoming obsolete very quickly: the knowledge gained through traditional education becomes obsolete due to rapid development of technology and therefore constant upgrading and professional training is required in order to keep up with the time. Besides, the computers were introduced in order to make the jobs easier and resulted in the ''fear'' of the employees from loosing their jobs. Thus, huge resistance towards computers was built. On the other hand the application of computers resulted in specific communication methods which have become essential for everyday communication among people.

Electronic transfer of data, database communication, digital communications like electronic mail, net news etc. are offered through world wide networks like ''Internet'' and international network companies. ''Internet'' is the latest communication medium functioning as an independent medium like telephone, television and radio.
The communication has an important role in the law enforcement. Police departments and police officers communicate a lot while performing their duties. Therefore the communication system has to be adjusted to their needs. In addition to that, the communication between the police and the public takes a high position in the communication hierarchy.

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