Peer to Peer (P2P) Headache: Technical and Social Aspects of
Unlimited Resource Sharing

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Network of equally important computers, or peers, was implemented in small office networks like WfW or Lantastic, but on the Internet this concept simply exploded in new dimensions. Allthough based on hierarhycal client/server arhitecure, Internet is actually horizontally structured. Each PC with modem connection can be the client for one service and the server for another. Resources like disk space or processor time can be shared globally with P2P. This can be put for a good use, but without central computer or authority copyrighted information can easily be exchanged. Napster, P2P application that joined millions in a music sharing network and brought headache to recording industry is probably the best example of the power of P2P concept.

SUN Microsystems recently proposed new standard for P2P communication and offered a library for development of P2P applications. This will help to solve the technical apects and allow some degree of control. New technology is evolving too fast and we are all taken by surprise. In our presentation we will deal with technical definitions and face social changes in our path towards the networked society.

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