Spatial Presentation on the Internet

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Spatial Presentation on the Internet

Roberto Vdovic, dipl.ing. arh, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb

Recent development in the field of the spatial presentation on the Internet offers new dimension for providing three-dimensional information on the Web. The VRML become standard in 1997. However, until recent improvement of the graphic capabilities of personal computers and growing throughput of the Internet infrastructure, only few application of the spatial presentation on the Web was available. This fast growing field of various applications is supported by few basic technologies, which are under constant development. Technology such as panoramic images, Web 3D objects and 3D scene for the Web are basic classification under which different developers intensively build they specific approach.
This field is also interesting to education because visual aspects of the subject presented, to the architecture as presentation tool, and also as collaboration tool for the Internet.
Some of the recent authors works from educational to commercial that are using these technologies are elaborated. From virtual building, furniture presentation and interactive design to the merchandise tools and assembling assistant for Swatch AG, Swiss are presented in this work.

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