Virtual People in a Computer World

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Virtual People in a Computer World

Baksa S., Skoko M. & Baksa I.

Computer space modelling and 3D animation simulation of human body models is an important segment of scientific visualisations and economic Internet presentations of 3D characters and their virtual environment. The usage of 3D scanners offers reliable and precise computer storage of actual shapes and dimensions of various bodies. Employing computer modelling of thus obtained 3D objects, and, for instance, animating characters by key framing or using captured motions for 3D models of human body, it is possible to produce a reliable simulation of virtual human biomechanical models. Construction of computer generated environments and their integration with virtual humans are well developed methods and procedures of applying highly sophisticated information technologies in designing and construction of various working or free-time environments. Real-time virtual humans in virtual world enable electronic media to experiment with virtual TV announcers and actors within computer-generated TV or movie studios, while Internet companies get a valuable tool for developing new methods of utilising their sites. Financial and manufacturing companies are offered an innovative method of doing global business, promotion and trade via increasingly popular Internet banking.

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