(When) Will the Web Talk to You?

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(When) Will the Web Talk to You?

Igor Pandzic, Linköping University, www.bk.isy.liu.se/staff/igor

Simulating human beings and their behavior on the computer is a topic that has fascinated researchers for more than two decades. Computer-generated characters have made their appearance on film, TV and in games, but also in less glamourous applications such as ergonomics and industrial planning. Now they are appearing on the Web, with a number of researchers and commercial companies working to put simulated humans on Web pages and dreaming up numerous applications for them. We will analyze the potential applications of this emerging set of technologies, ranging from fun and entertainment to education, news or commercial use in sales and customer service. We will briefly explore technical issues facing the implementors of these applications, and present examples of Virtual Characters that can be seen and heard on the Web today.


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