R4 Digital Libraries: Challenges, Expectations and Possibilities of the future Co-operation
     Tatjana Aparac Jelusic, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb

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The general issue of the proposed Round Table is discussing new challenges and expectations as well as possibilities of the future cooperation between Croatian experts in the wider field of computer science and information sciences. The main goal of such a cooperative efforts is ensuring an effective and efficient flow of information from the generators & providers of information to users in the digital environment, by using all intellectual capabilities and technical support available. Due to the complexity of requirements caused by the changing environment it is no longer possible for information specialists to act without being continuously abreast of new methods and techniques and without exchanging own visions and ideas with colleagues in other fields and disciplines interested in this topic. Thus, intention is to address the changing and challenging environment for libraries and information systems and services in the digital age, with an emphasis on examining contemporary problems, advances and solutions. They will be approached from distinguished colleagues from Croatia, who will be ready to talk and answer to participants' questions as well. The themes and problems to be approached vary from concepts, methods, techniques, and research advances related to a variety of aspects of Digital Libraries, to the selection, organization, preservation and representation of digital resources, information networks and networked co-operation, as well as to services offered, access problems, questions related to the users and use of the Internet and the role of information professionals.