P1 Opening Plenary

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Opening Session was hosted by Miroslav Milinovic, Program Committee Chair.

Speakers at the Opening Session were:
  • Goran Granic, Ph.D., First Deputy Prime Minister
  • Robert Manger, Ph. D., Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology,
  • Branko Jeren, Ph.D., Rector of the University in Zagreb
  • Slavko Krajcar, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engeenering and Computing, Zagreb
  • Jasenka Gojsic, B.Sc., CARNet CEO.
Mrs. Gojsic, on behalf of CARNet, gave a Welcome Speech. Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engeenering and Computing, Mr. Krajcar, as a conference host, also gave a Welcome Speech. Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Manger, gave a speech about meaning of the CUC conference in academic and research community in Croatia. University Rector, Mr. Jeren, was speaking about importance of IT in education.

First Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Goran Granic, with his speach about importance of the new Information Technologies for Croatian society, officially opened the Conference.

First speaker on the Conference was Mr. Predrag Pale with his speach: "Who Needs Information From Cyberworld, After All?".

The final conclusion was given by Mr. Miroslav Milinovic, Program Committee Chair, who gave a brief overview of the conference and its topic. After the Opening Session all participants and guests were invited to attend the welcome cocktail.