G3 Online Access to Visnjan Observatory Image Database
     Mario Juric, Korado Korlevic, Visnjan Observatory, Visnjan

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To efficiently search for undiscovered asteroids and to manage large quantities gathered data, an Oracle8 based database system known as "Visnjan Observatory Image Database 2" (V2) has been created. V2 system currently includes information on approximately 90000 known asteroids and more than 25000 CCD images gathered at Visnjan. Asteroid information includes information of interest to the astronomical community (orbital elements, etc.) as well as informational data more geared to the general public (asteroid discovery circumstances, the discoverer, explanation of asteroid's name, etc). To enable outside researchers and the general public to remotely access the V2 data, a web interface - V2 Web - has been created. It enables two-level customized access to V2 data - a format specialized for general public, with more emphasis towards education, and a more specialized access for asteroid researchers. Also accessible is the searchable library of CCD frames, which can be used for further study work by outside researchers. V2 Web is currently in trial phase. Initial public release is planned for late July 2000. at http://void.astro.hr. First operational results (feedback from the users) will be presented at the Conference. V2 system and V2 Web were created in cooperation with CARNet through the "Visnjan Observatory Image Database 2" project.