F3 New Methods and Tools for the World Wide Web Search
     Vlatko Ceric, Faculty of Economics, Zagreb

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Explosive growth of the World Wide Web as well as its heterogeneity asks for powerful, efficient and intuitive methods and tools for Web retrieval that provide the user with the moderate number of relevant answers. This paper presents some of the innovative Web search methods and tools, especially in the area of subject trees and search engines. In the area of subject trees we will pay special attention to Hyperbolic Tree that enables visual intuitive approach in exploring large quantities of data by presenting focused part of the tree in the framework of the unfocused data set, and to ThemeScape that produces a topological map of textual documents based on the similarity of their content. In the area of subject trees we will discuss the Northern Light search engine that automatically groups resulting Web documents in meaningful categories, Clever project that uses hyperlink Web structure in identifying "authorities" and "hubs" Web pages and thus enables finding of high quality answers to user request, as well as to Simpli.com and Oingo search engines that try to resolve the problem of lexical ambiguity of search terms.