E5 Information and communication in Chemistry education at the University level in Croatia
     Djurdjica Tezak, Faculty of Science, Chemistry Department, Zagreb

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Since 1995 Internet communication became indispensable tool in science, art, and humanities. Moreover, every level of education is supposed to be closely connected to the use of WWW, while it is present in all segments of everyday use, as well. Experience, knowledge and science present undoubtedly the most important and basic component of human progress. Therefore, it is necessary for developing countries to establish the connection to the scientific and professional communication improved through a modern "knowledge industry", realised by Internet, as soon as possible. This is especially important for various levels of education. This report will consider the education of the study profiles for the chemical engineers and second school teachers in the information science at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, and the teaching profiles in chemistry and biology at the Pedagogical Faculty in Osijek. Concerning the university level, not all faculties improved their lecture rooms and studies with a complete computer network equipment connected to the Internet, and devoted for the student service. Internet access to the libraries, i.e. the National University Library as well as the libraries of Ruder Boskovic Institute, play an important role for the university communication in all areas of their activities. The links are available for the most important primary and secondary periodicals in science, arts and humanities. The course in information science started in 1961. at the Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science in Zagreb. The program of the lectures and seminars has been improved through years; particular improvement has been done recently. Moreover, the practical work in the Internet browsing has been introduced into the regular teaching program for the second study year for the profiles of chemistry in Zagreb and for the forth study year for the profiles of chemistry and biology in Osijek. On average, 70 students/year in Zagreb, and 12 students/year in Osijek, were included into the teaching program of the data processing, and in addition, to the Internet access course. The investigation showed that only 10% of students population, on average, which were included into the information courses, already had some experience with the Internet browsers; moreover, none of them were acquainted with research data bases. Main topics in our course, including individual practical approach to the Internet, are connected with the uses of browsers, e.g., ALTA VISTA mainly focussed on the names of institutions, authors, digital books, and other related contents. Students are teached to perform search of the periodicals, the most important primary and secondary journals in the field, mainly from the data base Current Contents, using the system OVID. In addition, a new textbook ?Introduction to research and information science? is now in preparation to be published as the hard-copy and in the digital media (WEB, CD-ROM) as well.