E4 Web-based Open Learning - How to accompany open learning processes in virtual learning environments
     Gerd Wenning, learnetix.de, Berlin, Germany

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Today high quality information has become accessible for learners from everywhere at anytime. Therefore it is becoming more and more difficult to use it meaningfully. Flexibility, communication skills and learning on demand have become more important than encyclopedic and specialized knowledge. How can the WWW help us to enable learners to develop these "key qualifications"? " Webbased open learning" accepts the fact, that learning is an individual process. Learners themselves have to decide what, when, where and with whom they learn. Teachers provide a learning environment, that enables learners to work on their ideas, projects, etc. Teachers have become tutors who give learner-centered feedback and accompany learners, when asked. During the presentation Gerd Wenning will give an overview of up to date groupware and communication software available on the internet. He will explain its educational use by experiences students made at the University of Siegen/Germany.