E2 New Possibilities Internet Offers in Education
     Saida Deljac, Technical School Sibenik

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By developing browsers it has been enabled to create dynamic contents on Web pages. This programme is an example how to make Internet application realized in computer programme language Visual Basic 5.0 as ActiveX Document. ActiveX Document is a programme which can be run as independent application inside Internet Explorer and seems as Web page, and can also be installed on Web server so that is available for all users. It contains all controls and possibilities that Visual Basic offers, such as command buttons, text boxes, labels, list boxes, option buttons, images and all the events, methods and properties that are associated to these controls. The most important things is that includes connection on Web locations, and offers making of strong applications that exceed the limits of standard HTML documents. The programme is made for secondary school pupils in learning several lessons in Physics, but it can be easily adjusted for other school subjects. This programme gives to the teacher the possibility of choosing the lessons, tasks and defining the criteria for grading the pupils; and for the pupils, it offers learning, solving the tasks, answer key and grading. Several starting pages of the programme and instructions how to realize page review on users computer can be found on Web address: http://jagor.srce.hr/~sdeljac/diskexe/upute.htm