E1 Assesment and evaluation of students in distance learning with the Internet
     Mario Dumancic, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Croatia; Vladimir Simovic, Police Academy, Zagreb

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During the last few years Distance Learning become very interesting not only for the academic community, but also for the entire society. Whereas Internet world virtually connects geographically distanced schools, professors and students, multimedia computer finally become real educational tool. Web School or Internet School become "the" place of the organized and methodical collecting of knowledge, which does not exist in the real world at the "classical classroom". Today Web Schools have more and more users that attend different kinds of educational programs, and therefore Web Schools have to answer the questions such as why, when and how to evaluate success of mastering the educational materials.
Which is the way of monitoring and evaluating the work of the Web School users?
What do we mean by monitoring and evaluating the work during the educational process?
Monitoring the user during the educational process consists of:
- monitoring the user when studying educational materials
- monitoring the usage of the communicational services
- monitoring the server accesses
Which elements has to be embraced by final mark of success in mastering educational materials?
Do we have to use interactive quizzes and when?
Project work and self-supporting work?
We can conclude that final mark of success when mastering educational materials is not simple and it is not based only on results achieved during the exams. Final mark consists of following elements: achieved knowledge, participation in projects, access to the educational materials etc.