D6 CARNet Public Web Usability Testing
     Danijela Horvat, Andrej Zaluski, Zvonimir Zelenika, Miro Capan, CARNet

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CARNet public web usability testing was CARNet internal project conducted as a part of new CARNet public web development project with intention that its results should be useful both to the developer team of the new public web and to the company as a whole. Using different usability methods; project team has collected valuable data about specific needs and interests of CARNet web users and it has identified a number of site-level and page-level usability flaws. Authors argue that web usability testing is useful and should be applied due to following reasons: Firstly, the usability report should be additional, valuable information for the developer team of the new public web. Secondly, developed methods and tools for web usability testing can be applied to both public web and the company Intranet on regular basis, bringing additional benefit both to the communication with its clients and the organizational efficiency of the company. They also argued that usable and useful web brings financial savings due to fewer clients’ phone calls and queries to helpdesk service.