D4 Selecting optimal video format and codec for Web-based projects
     Jerko Ban, Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb

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Considering the current circumstances, the time limit for completing an Internet project that includes multimedia is two years at most, as the technology and software are developing so fast that projects go out of date if it takes too long a period to complete them. At the end of year 1999 when we first started planning how to create the Croslan Online Dictionary we considered different possibilities, like using video clips in avi or QuickTime format, and alternatively animated gifs. We decided that animated gifs would be the best solution because avi and QuickTime files are much bigger than animated gif. Now we are planning to switch to the video clips in avi format with MS mpeg 4 compression trying to create a more interactive dictionary. A year after we started with the project, we have also started developing dictionary in Shockwave format. We are filming signs and sentences for a multimedia CD-ROM, so we can use the clips for the web too. The final aim is to create an interactive dictionary and courseware using Macromedia Director.