D2 Problems in the Web Design: User's view
     Tina Kastelan

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I speak about common mistakes and problems that appear in the Web design and I offer some suggestions of the solutions from my experience and from other people's experience. People use Internet more and more for finding information, so it's very important that the Web page satisfy the demands of users. It has to attract their attention, to lead them through the information, to motivate them to come back again and, on the first place, to give them quality information. It's very difficult to give general instructions on how to make a good Web site. The organization and design depend on the material which is being presented and also it's a matter of taste. However, with all types of Web pages there is a need to pay attention to certain elements. Progressive technologies on the Web like CSS, DHTML, ASP, Flash,...offer lots of possibilities in the Web design, but they are not used in Croatia so much. The reason for this situation is that in Croatia there is still a large number of users with an old version of a browser which doesn't support these new technologies and also a lot of people are not informed enough about the possibilities of these technologies.