D1 Web Design
     Vesna Plesa, Daniel Lenardic, Kristina Topic, Croatia osiguranje, Zagreb

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CROATIA osiguranje d.d. published it's own web pages on 1st of January 2000. The major goal of the Web project was how to achieve simple yet powerful editing of the Web content, and make it simple to grow and change. The responsibility of editing and providing Web content is distributed to the designated employees of the different business departments within the company, who edit the pages on the corporate Intranet. All of the Web content (textual, graphic and tables) is the live part of the Company's business databases. Interactivity One of the project's priorities was given to the dynamics of the Web pages, specifically, the ability to provide, change and approve new content to be published. These Web pages provide several ways for the customers to find and use various business information about our company and it's services. Through basic, static, information about the company, its departments and major service groups, users can find the service offering they need and establish contact with the responsible persons inside the company (based on the service type and user location), through telephone, fax or e-mail. Active contents (search pages, Web wizards, sample quotes, e-mail claims processing...) offer the users a way to be guided through the insurance services we offer, post questions and find answers to frequent user inquiries about insurance services, terms, policies and regulations. These active contents are integrated with the company Intranet database knowledge management systems (for example, insurance terms dictionary in four languages, summaries of the "Insurance" magazine content...).
Areas of possible improvement
The further work lies in the following areas:
- Translation of the pages to English (work in progress),
- Establishment of content approval responsibility, regardless of the Web pages area,
- Improvement in the content administration Web forms (making the easier to use, provide better functionality).