C5 Renardus: Building an academic subject gateway service in Europe
     Lesly Huxley, ILRT, Bristol, UK; Marianne Peereboom, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Hague, Netherlands

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Renardus is a collaborative project of the EU's Information Society Technologies programme with partners from national libraries, university research and technology centres and subject gateways from across Europe. This presentation will provide a project overview, highlight some of the progress to date and identify key issues for the future. Renardus' aim is to build a single service on the Web allowing users to search and browse existing Internet-accessible scientific and cultural resource collections distributed in academic subject gateways and broker services across Europe. The potential benefits from such collaboration include scale economies in the areas of metadata creation, abstracting and indexing by service providers and a more sustainable level of quality in mediated resource discovery. Overall, access to scientific and cultural resources in Europe should be improved through aggregation and improved consistency of collections and a common understanding of academic users' needs. Participating services should also benefit from the collaborative framework in terms of improved sustainability and a stronger position against international competition. Between January 2000-June 2002 project partners from seven European countries will investigate related technical, information and organisational issues, building on the work of the DESIRE II and related projects. A pilot system will be built and tested involving project partners' gateway services, leading ultimately to development of a fully-operational broker service.