C4 Digital Libraries: main trends and issues
     Tatjana Aparac Jelusic, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb

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Numerous professional and scientific meetings related to Library and Information Science are held throughout the world covering different scientific, professional and practical issues, among which Digital Libraries certainly fit the bill as a major issue for the field. Starting with the issue of What a digital library is? one can clearly see from the disposable professional literature that conceptions differ as well as approaches to their problems, ways of organising them or to accessed them. Quite a number of professional communities are actively dealing with digital libraries, each from its own perspective. We intend to discuss their approaches as well as results they gained until now. The products of research related to DL resulted in a growing body of knowledge about digital libraries, not to mention a growing body of literature. An ever-larger number of people and institutions are joining the digital library community. But Digital Libraries are still at the beginning stage of their evolution, and thus present many challenges and opportunities to many professional communities and ask for better cooperation between them. The intention of the paper is to give an overview of the issues, problems, possibilities as well as of results which can already be evaluated.