B5 Business Studies Information Centre - Case study
     Vlatko Ceric, N.Osmanagic-Bedenik, V. Bosilj-Vuksic, D. Frajlic, Faculty of Economics, Zagreb

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Business Information Centre is a non-profit World Wide Web service offering a selection and description of the most important resources of business studies. Selection, description and organisation of the service were made by an editorial board comprising of experts in their particular fields of work, representing one of the first interdisciplinary projects at the Faculty of Economics Zagreb. The Business Studies Information Centre was developed at the Faculty of Economics Zagreb within the project entitled "Croatian Business Information Centre" and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia. There are several target groups to whom the information is oriented: domestic and foreign users - businessmen and businesswomen, students, scientists and researchers. Very important purpose of the project is the idea of connecting science and practice. BSIC offers information on institutions, libraries, literature, education, methods and general information on different areas of business. Those areas are the following: finance, marketing, organisation and management, business computing, law for economic purposes, accounting, trade and tourism. Resources are organized so that they can be easily reached. Resources can be reached through their basic organisation, by areas of business, as well as by searching the full information contents of this service. Of the great importance is the information on selected business web sites and web sites catalogues, important for the Croatian business. By its content and quality, BSIC represents a unique portal in Croatia. Its main characteristics are quality and standardization of information presented combined with structure that is very detailed and simple to follow. BSIC is a result of the work of scientists - enthusiasts and posses great possibilities to become profitable.