B3 Making portals: the inside story of failures and successes
     Vinko Kojundzic, Student Centre Zagreb

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Basically, portals can be divided to the public and private ones. While almost everyone talk about the public portals, private ones are neglected but are very important as a central place where company data can be retrieved. Furthermore it can be stated that private (company) portals have given an opportunity for all levels of management, but surely this is most useful to the top management, to organize retrieving company data in a way is it most useful to them and as soon as it is produced. Having unique opportunity to built both public and private portal for its company of more than 1000 employees, author discusses development process for each one and, where possible, compares it. Author is not focused only on all levels of technical problems of process, but also he talks about non-technical aspects such as: developing initial idea, brainstorming idea with top management, changing business processes, human resources problems etc. At the end, having limited financial resources, author had to carefully balance expenses in order to complete the project. Having portals in use; experience, ideas, feedback from the users of private and public portal and directions for the future will be discussed.