B1 FER WebWorld - example of the university web portal
     Davor Skrlec, Zlatko Zmijarevic, Hrvoje Zokovic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb

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The city of Zagreb has one large university that covers all educational areas. Due to the size of the University of Zagreb and its structure, faculties are more independent than in other cities or countries. The Faculty of electrical engineering and computing (FER) is one of the largest and most prominent faculties of the University of Zagreb. Due to the facts that the Faculty in located on one location and that it is fairly autonomous in relation to other University faculties, the Faculty may be perceived as a smaller campus-like university. As such, the Faculty web pages reflect that perception and may be view as a university portal. The main Faculty web-site is called FER WebWorld, indicating a whole world of on-line information. The usual content associated with the Faculty educational and research activities is enriched with on-line information, gateways to legacy databases, and other information invaluable to students and staff. Providing comprehensive information gives away a more vivid picture of the Faculty and student life at FER. Since the Faculty web pages emerged when Netscape was in pre-release version 0.94, a fair amount of experience and knowledge has been gained in issues of maintaining a university web site. Apart from demonstrating the web-site, this presentation focuses on problems providing on-line information, both organizational and technical, that arise in a complex environment such as a technical university. In addition, a future vision of the portal is given, portraying the needs and wishes of relevant users.