A3 WebGIS - the way how to publish maps on Intranet/Internet
     Zlatko Zmijarevic, Davor Skrlec, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb

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A lot of crucial information, especially in communication and computer networks utilities or transportation networks is geographically referenced. Soon after the Web emerged on Internet, the first efforts to use it as a mean of presenting geographical data have been made. Today, the World Wide Web - with its graphical user environment, user queries, real-time database access and data presentation - exhibits features for interactive map creation based on user needs. In 1997 the Croatian Academic Research Network (CARNet) in cooperation with the Faculty of electrical engineering and computing in Zagreb started a joint pilot project called WebGIS. The primary goals of the project were to determine the use and possibilities of interactive maps and to create an experimental web site in combination with traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Although the pilot project had concluded and the results had been presented to the general public, the Faculty continued exploring such technologies. Due to the complexity of the individual segments of the problem, experience represents a crucial factor in creation and maintenance of such Internet services. The limited number of participants in this specific area of interest requires accessory dissemination of knowledge and experience since more and more information providers embrace Web-GIS solutions to accommodate their users. The main aim of this presentation is to support those needs and provide specifics on how to create web interfaces toward geographic data.