A2 Web pages (CD) of the Medical school "Ante Kuzmanic", Zadar
     Edin Kadic, Ivona Lozic and group of students, Medical school "Ante Kuzmanic", Zadar

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In my School as the professional school (Medical) it has very narrowed educational curriculum of Informatics and great necessity of the workers and students from school in introducing Internet. That was the main reason for starting this project as a way of substitution for inadequate curriculum now using free teaching activities.
It's ampliasired in the presentation:
Why have these pages been stored,
How have they been stored, (making groups of students, Internet training courses for teachers and students; teachers co-operates through the themes of their interest)
Positive experiences (great students interests and creativities, new teachers ideas)
Negative experiences (problem of initial motivation, "teacher's fear")
Further course (independently discovery creation of new using Internet through teaching and in a free time)
Making WEB pages of Croatian lenguage (lectures onlines)
Teachers are interested in presentation of their own professional works, and make more possibilities for students to spread additional learning. In that way this project fined the aim and purpose in professional high school like this
One of the main purposes of this project is also to provide co-operation with another similar institutions in Croatia and abroad.