Interview with Miroslav Milinovic, Program Committee Chair

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Internet Needs Croatia

Why this topic?
CUC is putting in a lot of effort to have hot topics every year. Last year's theme was "Internet Learning", and we received a great response from the media, as well as the public. My only regret is that last year's conference assembled 200 participants, while the conference is able to welcome 500 participants! This years conference's purpose is to find means of simplifying the search for information on the Web. The Internet is an enormous resource of sites, nobody really knows how large. All the tools are not prefect, the system is quite immense, and often it is difficult to find the information you require, so this topic is of interest to everybody!

What will be the theme of next year's conference?
After we handled Internet Learning and the Web as a space for information, next year we look forward to viewing the Internet as a tool for cooperation and communication.

Why such a conference? Can Croatia help find the solutions to these problems?
The Internet would not be the Internet if it were not Croatian part of Internet, and vice versa. The conference desires to activate the users community. The conference then is such a place where people meet, present their ideas and results, exchange their experience, criticize, compliment...

Can you comment on number of participants entered this year's conference?
I would have been happier if we had more people participated, but at least this year the number is higher than last year's. The number of participants is a reflection of the state we are in. It is obvious that we in Croatia are not quite on the same level as some other European countries.

What are the results of the last year's conference and what do you hope to achieve this year?

It is difficult to measure the results because one cannot know exactly if something positive occurred as a result of the conference, or was bound to occur anyways. All in all, we received a very positive response form the media and public. Some topics were discussed for the first time, and some anticipated projects emerged as a result of the conference (e-school). We consider this a big push for people in such businesses.

How do foreign guests see the conference, and where would you place it?
The conference is trying to find its place, and wishes to be at an international level. One encouraging asset we have are our excellent lecturers. Last year we were honored to have as guests Jill Foster and George Munroe, pioneers in the field of Internet learning. This year we have Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Baker.

To who is the conference really meant for - professionals or beginners?
If you are a beginner you will listen to two tutorials, or two short courses. The program contains activities for both beginners and professionals, the whole idea is to connect people wanting to learn and people wanting to teach.

You spent a lot of time preparing this conference. What would be your greatest award and personal satisfaction?
I hope for full conference rooms, live and active discussions, and participation of the audience. I would really like it if following the conference some things would change in everyday life: some projects be started, and for users to learn how to use the Internet more efficiently.