Interview with Gerd Wenning, Learnetix, Berlin, Germany

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"Slowly In The Right Direction"

Could you compare this year's conference with the last year's?
There are more international guests here and there is a broader range of subjects. Last year's conference suited me, it was completly my field. This year's subject isn't so much familiar to me, so I'm going to learn more.

Do you see some progress in your field - Interet learning?
The themes that are discussed here are also discussed on a global level but I have impression that objects presented by Croatian people are behind international standards. Internet is still difficult to read, it isn't so wide spread, people are learning more little by little.

What about the world?
Well, I can only tell you about the projects that I'm researching in Germany, USA, and Scandinavia. We try to copy their ideas or co-operate with them. I don't search in Croatia usually, only in these kinds of conferences. The thing is that you hardly go to Croatia, not because here are not good people but the access is not available. I would like to change that.

When will people stop going to school?
O no, there are some things that you cannot learn from a screen. Body contact for example. I am not the fan of cyber-sex but I enjoy sending SMS messages to my girl friend... We mix up the technology and we will have universities like meeting centers.

How do you like Zagreb?
This is my third time in Zagreb and what I really enjoy are the CARNet people, the young people that are really doing something. There is a lot to be done in this country and I think that things change in a right direction.